We Baked a Bigger Pie



I don’t know if ya’ll really understand what it’s like out there in the cold, hard real estate investing world.

Apparently, it’s lonely, nasty, and a cutthroat, and more than a little sad and desperate.

From everything I read on the various social media sites and groups, there are an awful lot of so-called real estate entrepreneurs who truly believe that the “pie” is only this big, and that everyone else is protecting their piece with barbed wire and brass knuckles, and that to carve out your piece, you have to beg for crumbs, or pay a fortune, or take away someone else’s piece by snaking their sellers or stealing their private lenders or bribing their tenants to call the building department on them so that they’ll be motivated to sell.

Seriously, I’ve heard all of that complained about, or bragged about, or recommended as a strategy.

It seems as though “they” think that experienced investors don’t want to share their secrets (unless they get paid 5- or 6-figure sums of money), and that new investors are all leeches looking for success without work, or investment in their own educations, or offering anything in return for all the things— referrals, help, deals, money—they want and need.

So why is it so different here at COREE?

Because we all, together, figured out something new in the real estate world: that when we share the pie, it somehow, in a loaves-and-fishes level miracle, gets bigger.

When we come together as a community and share ideas, knowledge, referrals, deals, money, advice, and help, there’s it multiplies, and comes back to us in the form of relationships and opportunities

and financial friends and allies.

Because we embrace the idea that wealth building is a team sport, we all grow together, both in our knowledge and in our prosperity.

One deal found by one member often becomes a partnership opportunity for another, and a lending opportunity by a third, and a chance for a fourth to get a rehab job and a fifth to shadow the whole thing and learn how it works.

When one member helps another with understanding how to make a particular deal happen, they form a bond that often turns into doing business together in the future.

And this happens all the time, every day, in meetings and outside of them, because our community is of one mind: the pie is big enough for all of us, and sharing just makes it bigger.

And best of all? We’re all united in the effort to keep making the pie bigger and bigger.

I think of all of you, with gratitude, every day.

From the (volunteer) focus group leaders who work so hard to share their passion and experience, to the regulars at the Friday morning networking meetings who give advice to folks who are struggling with resources or deal structuring, to the members who team up with and lift up others in public and in private, know that I see you and I appreciate you more than you know.

And so does everyone who’s come in from the cold of the huge, small-pie real estate investing world.

Someday, every group in the U.S. will figure out why COREE is the fastest-growing group in the country. We—all of us—are involved, every day, whether we’re conscious of it or not, in baking a bigger pie. 


Linda Houser11/21/2022

Linda@FriendlyInvestors.netI've noticed the difference with COREE. Obviously very secure people confident in the abundant supply. Thankful for this refreshing attitude.

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