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Hard Money vs. Private Money: Pros & Cos



Excluding banks and your own capital, there are two commonly used sources of funding for real estate investors: private money and hard money.

Knowing what each source of funding brings to the table as well as where each source may fall short will be important for you as a real estate investor looking to scale your business.


What is Private Money Lending?

Private money lending is typically done by individuals. Their capital may come from extra cash they have on hand, self-directed IRA/401(k), a line of credit, etc.


Pros of Private Money Lenders:

  1. They usually lend their money locally, so they know the area well.
  2. They may have lower terms than hard money lenders because they have less overhead.
  3. They tend to be more flexible than hard money lenders when it comes to making a deal work.


Cons of