Monday nights, Sept. 11th-October 16th 7:30-9:00 p.m. Eastern
Online, Free, and Open to the Public
Zoom Discussion Series:
Successful Investors and Expert Share
What’s Working in Real Estate in 2023

     We could all use a little help figure out what’s actually WORKING the real estate market right now…so we’re bringing together 14 real-life investors and subject matter experts to share their best strategies for:

  • Predicting what’s next
  • Finding actual deals in the inventory-less market
  • Getting money to fund them without paying bank rates
  • Getting big cash flow when prices are high and interest rates have doubled
  • Protecting against impending higher taxes and legal threats
  • Building real win-win relationships that get you the advice, deals, money, and resources you need

This 6-week online series is absolutely free, and it might just change everything you’re doing right now, so make sure you register!

One click gets you registered for all 6, and gets you the recordings to review over and over. That click is HERE.

Thursday, September 28th, 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Let’s Talk DEALS…

      Our Florida members wanted their own chance to meet together monthly, build local relationships, and learn together, and here it is! Get these details for this month’s live meetup and let us know you’re coming HERE

Tuesday, October 3rd Columbus Chapter Meeting
Fix My Deal Night
        Got a deal that’s not quite working, or that you think could be better?

        Bring it, and let a whole community of local investors give you negotiating and structing ideas to make it better!

        It’s real-life, local advice and discussion you won’t get anywhere else…

        Plus, join us early, to network, learn to present deals to funders, and more!

        Get the details and register HERE.

November 11th: Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Entrepreneur 
with Charles Blair

       Whether you’re looking for more leads, more credibility, more buyers, or more connections, you’ve GOT to learn to use the internet and AI to build your business. This is the day to learn it from investor/expert digital marketer Charles Blair. Join here!

December 9th: The Business of Building a Real Estate Business 
with Darrin Carey
       In this free-to-members workshop, multi-business owner Darrin Carey will share the fundamentals that you need in place to have an organized, protected, less-stressful operation. 
Sign up here!

It's an interesting time to be a real estate investor...lots of challenges to deal with and lots of opportunities to grab.

        Our members have...well, THOUSANDS of years of combined experience in 'good' markets and 'bad', and we're working day and night to make sure you get the information you need to survive and thrive in the current crazy climate...

         Plus, we know how much you value NETWORKING with like-minded people, so...

         COREE's meetings are both live and online, including our regular 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month meetings, and our AWESOME members-only focus groups.

         If you're a member, you'll get links to all of our focus group meetings, regular meetings, and special meeting via email, so make sure we have your BEST email.

        Wherever you are in the world or in your career, you're welcome!

COREE: A Community Just for You!

We're More Than Just a "Real Estate Investors Association": 
We're a Community OF Real Estate Entrepreneurs, 
FOR Real Estate Entrepreneurs!

        The Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs (COREE) is the largest, and most excited and exciting community of real estate investors, rental property owners, wholesalers, retailers, creative buyers, lease/option aficionados and more.

        Our community is open to new and experienced wealth builders who value:

  • The immense local, in-the-trenches knowledge and experience contained within our community
  • Both introductory and in-depth training on a variety of potential strategies 
  • Education about tactics AND ethics, hows AND whys, benefits AND risks
  • Sharing resources from knowledge to referrals with fellow members
  • The support and confidence that a group of like-minded, prosperity-focused can give you in starting or growing your real estate business

            Yes, COREE gives you tons of money-making, locally-based education about how to make more money in real estate investing. But what's REALLY valuable is the sense of community you get with other rental property owners, wholesalers, retailers, note investors, and the people who provide services to them.

        Got questions about neighborhoods? Need contractor recommendations? Have a deal to sell, or need to buy one? Need to learn to do your first deal, or to build your little real estate business into a big one? Or just want to hang with awesome people who believe as strongly as you do that real estate investing is an awesome business?

        Our main meetings are open to the public and your first meeting is always FREE; download a first-time guest pass to our next main meeting by clicking any main meeting announcement in the right column.

Join us and see...COREE is a community you can't do without!

Check out what you missed by NOT being a member...

Saturday September 23rd 10 a.m.-4 p.m. eastern
Online: The One Day Wealth Amplifier Workshop
That Will Turn Your Investing Plan
On Its Head—Guaranteed.
With George Antone, Bestselling Author of The Wealthy Code

         If you feel like you’re following all the “rules”—working hard, acquiring assets, making good deals, paying them off—but you’re not getting to financial independence NEARLY as fast as you thought you would, COME TO THIS.

         Yes, you’re ‘missing something’, and that something is the bigger picture of how the financial system is literally stacked against you (no, this isn’t conspiracy theory paranoia: inflation and taxation and opportunity costs are provably real).

         This online workshop will show you how the bigger world of finance is holding you back, and how to restructure your investments to make it work FOR you, instead of against you.

And if it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

         Find out more and for heaven’s sake, register…HERE.

September 21st, ONLINE:
Real-life Insight into
How to Successfully Work with Family Members
(and still stay friends)
and How to Get the Help You need When You Need it…

         Here at COREE, we’re all about REAL LIFE Real Estate…which includes the challenges we all face that no one talks about.

         At our monthly Nationwide Online Chapter Meeting, you’ll get answers to two of those challenges—how to work with family members and still stay friends, and how to get the help you need with deals, advice, referrals, and all the other things that pop up in your real estate business that get you “stuck”.

         Whether you’re new or experienced, and wherever you are in the world, you’re welcome.

         Register to get your link (or a free first-time guest pass) HERE.

Saturday, September 9th ONLINE
9 a.m.-3 p.m. eastern 
Lease/Options are a

Powerful Way to
Buy AND Sell Properties:

Our Master Class Shows You How.

         Our members who use lease/options to SELL houses tell us that they get upfront cash (like a wholesale deal), cash flow (like a rental) and a big check at the end (like a retail flip)…

         All with less management hassle and less maintenance than a traditional lease.

         Our members who use lease/options to BUY tell us that they’re an amazing way to control cash flowing deals (including Airbnb’s!) without big down payments, and that they get MORE deals by having lease/options in their ‘tool bag’.

         Spend a Saturday (and a tiny bit of money) learning both faces of this powerful strategy, with experienced experts who will share what they’ve learned over decades of profitably lease/optioning properties

         Discover the agenda and the bonuses and get your link to join (or register and wait for the recordings) HERE

Tuesday, September 5th 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Let’s Learn About Rehabbing Houses in Columbus
By SEEING Rehabs in Columbus!

          Ever wanted to spy on home renovations in progress?

          You should—it can teach you SO MUCH about everything from good design to how to plan the stages of a rehab to where renovators get their materials locally to how they managed to pay for it all.

          You’ll get to do tour ACTUAL properties under rehab, talk to the owners, ask your questions, and get their wisdom in Columbus on Tuesday, September 5th—if you’re one of the first 100 to tell us you’re coming!

          Get the details and register HERE.

Saturday, August 26th
9 a.m.-3 p.m.  eastern ONLINE
All-Day Online Intensive:
1031 Exchanges from the Basic to the Advanced!

           1031 exchanges are one of the best tax benefits that real estate investors get for all of their hard work.

           But so few of us really understand “The Rules”, much less all the cool, more sophisticated things that can do for us (like reverse exchanges, and letting us buy PIECES of other people’s deals tax-free).

           It’s time to fix that, and it’s going to take most of a day to bring you totally up to speed on all the things you DON’T know about how to use this powerful benefit to get better properties, build your wealth faster, and sell in a hot market without paying capital gains taxes on all that equity.

           Get to this workshop; it’s in-depth, inexpensive, and money-back guaranteed. Click HERE to get the details and  register.

Thursday, August 24th 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Build Relationships and

             Our Florida members wanted their own chance to meet together monthly, build local relationships, and learn together, and here it is! Get these details for this month’s live meetup and let us know you’re coming HERE

August 19th and 20th
IN PERSON ONLY in Cincinnati
How to Get More Off-Market Deals
than You Can Deal With

         Creative real estate genius Pete Fortunato and Real Estate Goddess Vena Jones-Cox come together to share their (very different!) methods for bringing off-market deal opportunities to your doorstep in this 2-day in-person seminar in Cincinnati

         We guarantee that when you implement even one of the many ways Vena and Pete will show you to make more off-market deals, you’ll get more deals, more money in your pocket, more cash flow, more wealth—more everything.

         So get your seat at this one-time in-person workshop NOW, while they’re still cheap and still available! Register now, here



August 17th, ONLINE:
Million Dollar Earners Share
How They’d Do it Again
If They Lost it All Tomorrow…
(Plus How YOU Can Become an Ender)

             Here at COREE, we talk about all sorts of strategies for building wealth—but if you want to know the practicalities of how to build it as fast as possible, with as few useless detours and wasted energy as possible, this is your meeting.

             A panel of highly successful real estate entrepreneurs—the folks who are already where you want to be—will talk about what they’d do to make a million dollars in 2 years if they lost EVERYTHING except their knowledge.

             In other words, they’ll be showing you, from the vantage point of decades of experience, exactly what YOU need to be spending your time on (and avoiding!) if YOU want to build your business and assets fast.

             If you come early, you can build relationships in our Zoom networking rooms at 5:30, and learn about what your journey to ‘enderhood’ will really look like at 6 p.m.

             Register to get your link (or a free first-time guest pass) HERE.

Saturday, August 12th ONLINE
9 a.m.-3 p.m. Eastern

All-Day Online Intensive:
Hidden Foreclosure Profits
in Short Sales and Tax Liens
with Tiffani Ray and John Underwood

          None of us want to see owners losing their homes because they can’t pay their mortgages, or their taxes.

          But thanks to the now-expired foreclosure moratoria, high inflation, and the turbulent economy we’ve been experiencing for the last 3 years, tax and mortgage foreclosures are back in a big way, whether we like it or not.

         That’s why now seems like a great time to talk about the details of how to get deals in ways that your competitors don’t even know about: Short Sales and Tax Liens.

This online workshop will show you where the opportunities that you’re missing are, at a price you’ll really like. Learn more and get your virtual seat HERE.

Wednesday August 9th 6:30-8:00 eastern
1031 Exchange Q&A with Jack Shea, Keys Capital

           1031 tax-deferred exchanges are one of the most powerful tax-saving strategies afforded to us by the IRS.

           And since questions keep “popping up” at our weekly deal meetings about more complex questions (“Can I exchange a flip? What if I want to exchange, but my partner doesn’t?”) we’re holding a special one-time pop-up meeting for our members to get all those questions answered by an experienced exchange intermediary.

            Register HERE get your link, and some reading material to get you ready for this meeting!

Tuesday, August 1st Columbus Chapter Meeting
Learn How Actual Rehabbers Plan Actual Rehabs
(Hint: It’s Nothing Like those HGTV Shows. At All.)
+ A Big Networking Opportunity with Prizes…

          Watch as local rehabbers walk you through picture of a real distressed property, and discuss exactly what repairs and upgrades they’d do to maximize the profit on resale or rental.

          It’s real-life, local advice and discussion you won’t get anywhere else…

          Plus, join us early, meet a ton of local colleagues, and maybe even win some big prizes for doing it…

          Get the details and register HERE.

You Need Some Ron LeGrand in Your Business.
We’ve Got 3 Ways for You to Get it.

          Ron LeGrand is called “The Master of Real Estate” for a reason: he’s done over 1,000 deals in hot markets and cold over the course of 40 years—and he STILL does 2-4 a month, in about 5 hours a week.


           That’s what he’ll be sharing at this one-day live event, “The Fast Track to Wealth”. You’ll leave educated, inspired to automate your business, and full of new ideas about how to prosper in the current oddball real estate market.

           Oh, and it’s cheap, too.

           If Friday the 28th in person Cincinnati is best for you, go HERE to find out more and register.

           If you’re one of our national members who needs to attend via simulcast on Friday, go HERE.

           If in-person in Columbus on Saturday the 29th works better for you, go HERE.

Saturday July 22nd ONLINE
9 a.m.-2 p.m. Eastern
All-Day Online Intensive: Spend a Saturday Finding Out
How to Turn Your Little Retirement Account into a BIG Retirement Account FAST with Real Estate with John Bowens, National Education Director, Equity Trust Company
And Real Life Investors…

          Stalled out in your retirement planning?

          Wondering how you’ll ever grow those little contributions you’re allowed to make into a hefty retirement income?

          Worried about running out of money if you live to be 115?

          Join the club—most Americans don’t have nearly enough in retirement savings and investments to live comfortably (much less take care of any serious health care or housing needs) once they stop working.

          You’re different than most Americans, though: you know about real estate as an inflation-hedged asset, and you know that you can do all sorts of low money down, high-returning investments with your retirement account.



          Then your future self BEGS you to spend Saturday, July 22nd, in this online workshop so you can get started NOW on creating an affluent retirement with a self-directed retirement account + some guidance on awesome, small-dollar investments that will let grow your little IRA (or 401k, or H.S.A., or CESA) into a big one.

          Learn all about it and get your link to join us—or just get the recordings when it’s over—HERE.

July 20th, 5:30-9:00 p.m. EASTERN
Monthly Nationwide Online Chapter Meeting
How to Invest in Real Estate Debt-Free

          Can You Own Real Estate without Being in Debt? Find Out at our July 20th online Nationwide Meeting…

          Eh, what the heck, we'll give away the answer--it's YES.

           But come anyway, to find out how real-life investors are getting rentals without debt, paying off their mortgages decades early, getting rid of their car loans, student loans, and credit card bills.

           It's not a trick, it's not a "program", it's a combination of smart moves and the right knowledge. It'll inspire you to become TRULY financially free, too. Click HERE for all the details, and to RSVP or get a first-time guest pass!

Thursday, July 6th, IN PERSON
In Cincinnati
5:30-9:00 p.m.
No In-Person Columbus Meeting this Month
(4th of July)
But You're Welcome at
the Cincinnati REIA
Real Estate Investor Picnic (with a Purpose)

          Come on down to Cincinnati, if you want, and bring your family to meet your real estate family for fun, food, and relationship-building. Because it’s catered (and the shelter only holds 100!) space is limited; get your ticket HERE.

Saturday, June 24th 
9 a.m.-3 p.m.  eastern ONLINE
The Online Training You’ve Been Waiting for:
How to Raise (More and Better) Private Money

          If you think that “Private Money” means high interest rates and short loan terms, you’ve got it all wrong.

          What you need is a system to meet potential private lenders who are thrilled to get rates as low as 6%, and who love it that you’ll keep their money working for years on end.

          That’s exactly what this Online Masterclass is all about, and it will show you what you’ve been missing about private lenders (and how to get it).

          It’s in-depth, inexpensive, and money-back guaranteed. Click HERE to get the details and register.

Thursday, June 15th
ONLINE Nationwide Chapter Meeting

The Godfather of Real Estate Shares
What’s Really Working in Today’s Topsy-Turvey Market
(And Join Us Early for Some Private Money Advice)

          Ron LeGrand has been in real estate since God was a child, and he still does 2-4 deals every month, so yeah, he understands how to rock a recession, and which strategies are working right now, and why 90% of the investors today are heading down the wrong path, chasing to-dos and strategies that are a waste of time.

         He’s promised to tell all about the strategies he thinks are winners right now (BRRRR and flipping are on his “no” list!), how he’s finding sellers (and getting them to make HIM offers), and more. If you know Ron, you already know you need to be here.

         At our early meeting at 6 eastern, we’ll get some professional advice on the dos and don’ts of raising long term-low rate private money, too…

         It’s open to everyone, and there’s no charge, so get your link and register HERE.

Tuesday, June 12th 6:30-9:00 p.m.|
New Smyrna Beach Florida in-person Chapter Meeting:
Local Entrepreneur Pays off Over $980k in Debt
In Just over 3 Years
(So We Wanted Him to Tell You How)

          Come out to eat, network with local real estate entrepreneurs—and hear how Brent Kesler used a system (that didn’t involve him working extra hours, changing his cash flow, or taking a bunch of risk).

         Register for this meeting—yes, it’s in Florida, ‘cause we’re nationwide— HERE.

Saturday, June 10th  9 a.m.-3 p.m.  eastern ONLINE
Being a Private Lender,
Better Take this Online Class First

           Being a private lender can be highly profitable—or a complete disaster.

           And there’s a lot to know about qualifying buyers, properties, and the paperwork and protections you need to make sure your deal is legal, enforceable, and likely to succeed.

           Plus, there are WAY more (and often better!) ways to get returns on your money than just “hard money loans” to rehabbers…

           Which is why we’re holding an online Masterclass with Vena Jones-Cox called “How to be a Successful Private Lender (even if you don’t have a lot of cash)”

           It’s in-depth, inexpensive, and money-back guaranteed. Click HERE to get the details and register.

Tuesday, June 6th Columbus Chapter Meeting

Learn to Use What You HAVE
to Get What You WANT--
          Want to make deals, get the help you need, and get better properties than you have, without using your own money?

          Yeah ya do.

          One little-known but effective way to do that is BARTERING.

          It’s a skill we’ve seen turned into millions of dollars in equity, cash flow, and profits by real estate entrepreneurs just like you…

          So join us at this meeting, and watch how you can  start leveraging your skills and assets into deals, relationships, and whatever else you need to build a bigger, better real estate business.

         Get the details and register HERE.

Saturday, May 27th  9 a.m.-4 p.m. eastern ONLINE
Finally, a Complete Step-by-Step Walkthrough
of What it Takes to Make Money in
Wholesaling 2023…

          You’ve read the books, you’ve watched the YouTube videos, and you’re STILL not sure what the exact path is from where you are right now to your next wholesale check 

          We’ve got you: here’s the step-by-step, no-BS guide to exactly what you know, and the work that goes into, a wholesale deal (and the things you should absolutely AVOID doing, unless you just enjoy spinning your wheels and not getting paid for it).

          It’s taught by our own Vena Jones-Cox (a 25-year veteran of the wholesale game), it’s awesome, and it’s been the launching pad for a LOT of members on successful wholesale careers over the years.

          We’ve negotiated a $50 discount for our members—it’s just $47 for members, $97 for non-members if you register early, with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Click HERE for the agenda and to register.

May 18th, ONLINE
National Chapter Meeting
Learn How Make Money Wholesaling In 2023 and Beyond
(or just come to get your name out to the
wholesalers who’ll be there…)

          Yes, wholesaling is alive and well in 2023—at least if you know the things that wholesalers are doing (and AVOIDING) to deal with low inventory, high demand, heading-toward-a-recession market.

         Join us online on May 18th for wholesaler/buyer networking, how to wholesale as more and more states ban contract assignments, and a detailed look at what it REALLY takes to make money in wholesaling right now.

        It’s open to everyone who values an awesome community of colleagues and real truth-telling in real estate education; find out more and get your link HERE.

ONLINE All-Day Masterclass
Saturday May 13th 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (eastern)
How to Partner Your Way to Wealth 
in the Crazy 2023 Market
with “Equity Sharing Partnerships”
Presented by Dave Corsi

          You Should Attend if You…

  1. Aren’t finding enough profitable deals to make you happy(Because Dave will show you a whole new KIND of deal that your competitors don’t even know to look for)
  2. Need long-term money for deals (Because Dave will show you how to find and vet partners)
  3. Have money that you’d love to get invested (Because Dave will show you how to go beyond the usual “make a hard money loan” thinking and get real growth and tax breaks, too

          When you attend, you’ll get:

Starter forms and documents that you can’t find anywhere else, including:

  • The “What to look for in users, partners, and deals” checklist
  • The “What paperwork do I need” checklist
  • The Equity Sharing Promissory Note for subject to deals
  • The Mortgage Note with Option Buyback 

          Recordings of the entire workshop for your permanent real estate library—so even if you can’t attend on the 13th, you’ll get all the information!

          Like all of our online masterclasses, this workshop comes with a full moneyback guarantee—you’ll be convinced that this detailed information will make you more money, or your tuition back!

          Register HERE to get your link…


   Tuesday, May 9th 6:30-9:00 p.m.
   New Smyrna Beach Florida in-person Chapter Meeting

 How to Find all the Great Deals You Need
 with the RIGHT Postcards and Letters
 (and Systems!)
 with Vena Jones-Cox

            Learn to create the right message to the right list to get your phone ringing off the hook with motivated sellers!

            Register for this meeting—yes, it’s in Florida, ‘cause we’re nationwide—HERE.

Tuesday, May 2nd
Learn How to “See” Problems
BEFORE You Make an Offer at Our
Hands-On Property Inspection Tour
Sponsored by National Property Inspections

            This meeting won’t tell you how to recognize mechanical and structural problems before you make an offer on a property.

            It will SHOW you, in real properties, how experienced inspectors recognize them.

            Get the details and register HERE.

ONLINE All-Day Masterclass
Saturday April 22nd 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (eastern)
How to Do Subject To RIGHT

              Yes, we know: you want to know how to buy properties “Subject To” the existing loan, so that you can take over other people’s mortgages with little or no money down and no qualifying.

              But it’s actually really hard to find real education about all the techniques, paperwork, and legalities of this super-hot strategy, so we’re bring you a real-life investor who’s also negotiated and document a TON of these deals for investors in her former life as an attorney…

              And all at a price you’ll LOVE (and with a full satisfaction guarantee!).

              Click HERE to learn more, get a seat, and start your new “buying subject to” businesses the RIGHT way!

Thursday, April 20th
ONLINE Nationwide Chapter Meeting

How to Build Credibility with Lenders, Buyers, and Sellers
(even if you’re brand new)
and BIIIIG Subject to Mistakes to Avoid

               Wherever you are in the in the world, if you want real talk about the 2023 real estate market and get real-life advice and strategies about how to make the most of it, you should join us for this online, nationwide meeting.

               We’ll be talking about 2 important topics you probably won’t find anywhere else: how to get the credibility that builds those long-term, profitable business relationships you’re looking for, and stupid things investors do when they buy properties “subject to the existing loan”.

               Wherever you are in the world and whatever your level of knowledge and experience, you’re welcome to join us; get the agenda and your link HERE.

Online Creative Deal School
Wednesday Nights 7-8:30 EASTERN
March 8th-April 12th, 2023

            If you’re a fan of creative finance deals (and if you’re not, what’s wrong with you?? They’re awesome!!) and you’re always looking for ways to hone your understanding and abilities, you’ll love this free series of online workshops with mega-creative investors Vena Jones-Cox and Bill Cook.

            It’s 6 sessions that each dig into one important benefit, skill, or aspect of making creative deals.

            And did we mention it’s free?

            This link registers you for the entire series; if you miss a week, it’s OK, ‘cause we’ll send all registered attendees a link to the recording to add to your personal deal structuring library.

            But you should attend “live” if you can, both because that’s your chance to ask all your questions and because...

            No matter what, you should register, because you’ll get more of both the big picture of how creative deals work AND detailed instructions about the best ways to find, negotiate, evaluate, and close lots of kinds of creative deals.

Saturday, April 8th, ONLINE
10 a.m.-4 p.m. eastern
We Don’t Like to Talk About it,
But We HAVE TO Talk About it:
Your Estate Plan Needs Your Attention NOW.                  

              No one wants to think about their death, but for real estate entrepreneurs, it’s absolutely irresponsible the leave your poor heirs with a mess of assets (Properties! Notes! Options! LLCs! IRAs! Partnerships!) that they don’t understand, can’t easily deal with, and may have to spend years untangling when you’re gone.

              That’s why we’re holding an online estate planning class specifically for real estate entrepreneurs like you, to lay out the path to passing on your hard-earned assets to the people (and causes) you love with the minimum possible taxes, fees, and, most importantly, hassle.

              From the role of trusts and directives to simple things you to do to make sure your heirs even understand what they’ve inherited, this online intensive has it ALL…

              …And yes, you’ll get the recordings, too, because you’ll want to listen over and over. Check out the amazing agenda, the experienced presenter, and the early registration bonuses and register HERE.


Tuesday, April 4th, IN PERSON IN COLUMBUS
The 2023 Central OH Estate Investing Expo
Free and Open to the Public!

      Get face-to-face with the people and companies that you need to start or grow your real estate investing business!

      The greater Central Ohio area’s premier expo and trade show introduces you to the people and resources you need to start or grow your own real estate investing business! Meet dozens of like-minded local investors and flippers, plus dozens of investor-friendly lenders, suppliers, professionals, title companies, and even find notes and deals for sale!

      It’s free for members and guests, just pre-register HERE

March 25th 9 am-3 pm ONLINE
Want to Master Negotiations with Sellers?
This All-day Workshop
Makes you a More Confident and
SUCCESSFUL Deal Negotiator…Guaranteed…

            If you’re going to get good deals in today’s market, you MUST MUST MUST get good at negotiating off-market deals with sellers.

            And in a recent survey of our new-investor members, we discovered that LOTS of you are worried about everything from offending sellers with low offers to asking important questions like, “What do you owe?”

            So we’re fixing that for you with an intensive 1-day Seller Negotiation training that’s guaranteed to give you the skills you need to negotiate with confidence (and skill), or you pay nothing.

            Get the details, a list of all the bonuses,  and your link to join (and/or the recording later) here.

Thursday, March 16th
ONLINE Nationwide Chapter Meeting

See How You Can
Buy Your Next Rental with No Cash or Credit
(and how to keep those rentals profitable
in a recession)

     Wherever you are in the in the world, if you want real talk about the 2023 real estate market and get real-life advice and strategies about how to make the most of it, you should join us.

     At this month’s online meeting, we’re talking about to buy more rentals using creative financing (subject to, owner held mortgages, creative partnerships, and more), and why the 2023 market is offering more opportunities to do that than we’ve seen in over a decade…

     …and at our early bird meeting, you’ll hear from our panel of recession-experienced rental owners what you need to be doing NOW to make sure your rentals stay profitable as rents drops, residents lose jobs, and vacancy rates increase.

     Get the agenda and your link HERE.

Saturday, March 11th 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern ONLINE
Online Masterclass:
How to BRR(R?)R in the Higher-Rate 2023 Market
with Ed Benz

     You’re looking to build wealth, right?
     And do it as fast as you can, right?

     Buying, rehabbing, renting, (maybe) refinancing and repeating is a tried-and-true way to do that, and this is the 1-day class that will teach you HOW.

     If you’re looking for a repeatable system for buying rentals and getting cash flow fast, this is it!

     Get the full agenda and register HERE


Thursday, March 2nd IN PERSON IN COLUMBUS

Learn, Hands-On,
How to Do Creative Deals
With Bill Cook!  

      This meeting won’t just tell you that creative, low money down, no-qualifying deals can be done.

      It will show you, hands on and step by step, how to DO them.

      You’ll work through real subject to and seller financing scenarios with your fellow Tri-State Area colleagues, guided by nationally-famous creative deal structurer Bill Cook.

      This is a literally unique, one-time chance to go beyond the seminars and learn to do the real-life, better-than-market deals you’ve heard about from start to finish.

      Members and guests are welcome, but you DO need to pre-register, HERE.

Monday Nights, January 23rd-February 27th
ONLINE, 7:30-9:00 p.m. Eastern
Looking to Get Started in Real Estate Investing in 2023?
Learn the Pros, Cons, and Strategies
in Our FREE 6-Week Online Series…

        Hey, thanks, 2022, for throwing out the rule book on how to be successful in real estate investing, and for making a lot of the education from past years obsolete overnight!

        From what to offer on properties to finding values to how exit strategies work, 2023 is DIFFERENT, and we’re out to make sure all the new investors out there know HOW it’s different and how to get started right in this opportunity-filled market.

        Register HERE; it’s free and open to all new investors who are serious about getting the right, warts-and-all information about getting started on the path to financial freedom!

February 25th, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern ONLINE
The Basics of Buying and Selling Notes and Mortgages:
How to Get High Returns or Quick Cash in Real Estate
Without Owning Real Estate
with Tanya Brown and Marco Bario

             Note investing isn’t just for the experienced or affluent; it’s for anyone who wants the high returns (or quick cash, or another way to get off-market properties).

            In this inexpensive all-day workshop, you’ll learn about how to find, evaluate, make offers on, and decide what to do with both defaulted institutional mortgages and performing seller-held mortgages (and how to get the money to buy mortgage when you don’t have the money to buy mortgages!) from 2 real-life, experienced note buyers.

            If you’re looking for an alternative strategy that you can exercise anywhere in the country, FROM anywhere in the country, and want real information about how it works, you need to attend this class.

             Come live, or register to get the recordings for your real estate library. Get the full agenda and register HERE.

Thursday, February 16th
ONLINE Nationwide Chapter Meeting
Get Inspired by Our Power Panel
of Women Investors,
and Find Out Why You Might Be
Better off Buying NOTES…

        Wherever you are in the in the world, if you want real talk about the 2023 real estate market and hard-core advice about how to make the most of it, you should join us.

        At this month’s online meeting, we’re talking about the opportunities in the notes and mortgages market, and you’ll get to ask our panel of successful women wholesalers, retailers, rental owners, Airbnb fans, shared housing providers, and more what THEY’RE doing in the higher interest rate, slower-sales world to make it big

        Get the agenda and your link HERE.

Saturday, February 11th
9 am-3 pm ONLINE Masterclass:
How to Do High Profit, Low Hassle

“Repair for Equity” Deals

If you think that the perfect exit strategy would look something like this:

  1. LOTS of customers want it
  2. You can do it little or no money down
  3. Almost none of your competitors do it
  4. It generates high returns, passively, over a LOOONG period of time
  5. You don’t have to do any rehab
  6. You don’t have to do any ongoing management or maintenance
  7. It helps build your community, and helps people in your community who otherwise have no real chance of owning a home of their own, to build wealth…

    You need to be at this all-day Zoom class about how to DO that strategy. It’s called Repair for Equity, and your instructor, Vena Jones-Cox, has done it hundreds of times.

    You’ll know how to do it, too, but only if you register HERE to get your link and manual!

Thursday, February 2nd
A Night to Get Mentored by Local Experts
(and Find Out How to Lower Your Property Taxes)

        Real estate success is at LEAST as much about who you know as about what you know.

        At our Tri-State in-person chapter meeting, you’ll meet (and get advice from!) a LOT of those local expert “who’s”

        Bring you business cards and the questions you’ve been burning to ask, and build some connections with some of our most experienced, successful members who will be there JUST to mentor attendees for the evening…

        …And be there early for our 6:00 workshop about how to get your property taxes lowered, too!

        Join us by registering HERE.

January 28th, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern ONLINE
Hands-on Workshop:
How to Evaluate Apartment Buildings
with Anthony Chara

           All the experts are predicting that there will be more real deals on apartment buildings this year than we’ve seen in half a decade (thanks in part to all the BAD deals that have been made in the past few years!).

           If you’re looking to break into apartments, though, you’d better understand how to evaluate them before you buy—ESPECIALLY now that interest rates on apartment loans have doubled, and building just aren’t worth as much now as they were a year ago.

           Experienced apartment investor and educator Anthony Chara spends the day showing you how to figure out what to pay, what lenders will fund, and how much you’ll be able to pay partners, and what your property will be worth after you reposition it. Free quick analysis software included.

           Get the full agenda and register HERE.

January 19th, ONLINE
Kick off Your Real Estate Business Right in 2023:
Find Out the Shortest Path to Winning the Real Estate Game
+ What to Expect in Apartment Investing in the Next 18 Months

         Year in and year out, through burning hot and ice cold markets, recessions and booms, we’ve been here educating, supporting, and connecting YOU with the resources you need to win your own personal real estate game.

         At our first national online meeting of 2023, we’ve got real-life apartment investors sharing what they’re seeing now in the market, and the big changes—some good, some bad—they expect in 2023 and beyond.

         Then, you’ll get a no-holds-barred, step-by-step, warts-and-all look at what you’ll REALLY need to do to reach that ultimate goal of having so much passive income that you never have to trade your precious hours for dollars again.

         Members and first-time guests are free; click HERE to register, or HERE to discover the reams of benefits that come with being a member (and how cheap it is to join!)

January 14th, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Eastern ONLINE
Hands-on Workshop:
How to Analyze Leads from Your Desktop, Fast, and Get More Deals
with Vena Jones-Cox

OPHP credits: 2 negotiation 2 appraisal 1 Elective

     Spend a Saturday learning how to QUICKLY get the information you need from sellers, figure out what a property is worth, what it will rent for, what the repair costs are likely to be, whether it has code violations, tax liens, and mortgages…and to get back to a seller with a “soft offer” faster than your competitors can!


     Because the GOOD deals come to those who can move fast. in a low-inventory, high-competition market, you need to be quick and good at making offers (and confident about moving on, when there’s no deal to be made).

     This hands-on workshop will make you better than 95% of your competitors at this important part of the offer-making process, or your money back. Get the full agenda and register HERE.

Thursday, January 5th IN PERSON IN COLUMBUS
Fund My Deal Night!

       Private lenders will be there.
       Partners will be there.
       Hard Money Lenders will be there.
       People with deals will be there.
       Will YOU be there?

       Join us by registering HERE.  (Community of Real Estate Entrepreneurs) does not give legal, tax, economic, or investment advice. COREErocks disclaims all liability for the action or inaction taken or not taken as a result of communications from or to its members, officers, directors, employees and contractors. Each person should consult their own counsel, accountant and other advisors as to legal, tax, economic, investment, and related matters concerning Real Estate and other investments.   

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