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What is the Holy Grail of Real Estate


          When I work with new investors, I find that most of them are looking to me to provide them the Holy Grail, the single source key for the mother lode.

          They ask, “What is the absolute best way to generate leads, or the best script to use. How can I go from broke to filthy rich in 30 days or less?

          What is the one secret that if I learn and apply it untold wealth will be mine?”

          They say, “I know it must be there because I see these guys on late night TV, I know because I’ve been to a seminar, I know because I bought this course....” 

          Living in Florida makes this even more entertaining because long before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, a Spaniard named, Ponce de Leon, was roaming through the Florida swamps looking for the fountain of Youth. I visited it last year and even had a sip of this rather vile water, I honestly didn’t feel any younger and now a year later, my grey hair remains. Anyway, back to the story.