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The Docs You’ll Need to Get a Fix and Flip Loan


Securing the necessary “hard money” funding to buy and fix a property can be easy or hard, depending on how prepared you are with the paperwork your lender will need to process the loan fast.

When Do YOU Need a Fix and Flip Loan?

A fix and flip loan is a short-term loan is designed to fund both the acquisition and renovation of a property intended for resale at a profit, or as the first step in a buy-and-hold strategy, if you need the money to fix the property before refinancing it into a long-term loan.  

Unlike traditional loans that focus on the current value, a fix and flip loan assesses the property's potential value post-renovation, taking into account the planned renovation work to be done.

The loan typically includes the cost of buying the property and at least some of the estimated repair expenses, which makes these loans appealing for the RE investor doing rehab projects.

It’s a fast-closing, short-term loan with lower down payments and interest-only payments during the term (6-12 months). It’s meant to be used quickly