Key market updates to stay ahead of the game


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  • Delinquencies on consumer loans show signs of distress even as mortgage delinquency rates decline slightly.
  • Early-stage mortgage delinquencies (30 and 60 days) ticked up slightly, as did other consumer loans; student loan repayments are set to resume now.
  • As forbearance program nears its end, more exiting loans are delinquent and more need loan mods; fewer are paid off or current.
  • Many of these loans were delinquent prior to the pandemic and may be candidates for foreclosures when the forbearance program is over.
  • Economic factors could lead to more defaults. The combination of soaring insurance rates, higher property taxes & inflation could be toxic.
  • Foreclosure starts now running at about 80% of pre-pandemic levels.
  • ATTOM’s Q3 data is the first indication that numbers may be beginning to head back to more normal levels in the months ahead.

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