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Practical Tips for Building Instant Rapport with Distressed Sellers


Every investor has heard how important it is to build rapport with distressed homeowners. What we never hear about is how to do it. What is it about someone that makes us instantly like or dislike them? We do not really know what it is about that person; we just know it is something.

Rapport is developed in the subconscious. We cannot quite pinpoint it, but there is something about that person that seems familiar and makes us feel comfortable around them.

So... how do you establish rapport? Let's start with a few basic tips. When I am looking for distressed homeowners, I like to knock on doors. It is the fastest way to get deals. If I knock on twenty doors over a weekend, I will have several contracts by Sunday afternoon. I would rather spend a day or two getting multiple deals instead of waiting for my phone to ring hoping for just one deal.

Here are some dos and don'ts when you knock on doors or meet a homeowner in person:

  • Do not wear sunglasses. Homeowners cannot see your eyes and subconsciously you seem suspicious.
  • Never wear a hat, like a baseball cap. Again, homeowners cannot see your eyes and are suspicious.
  • Always have a clipboard in your hands so that both of your hands are visible. If you tend to stand with your hands in your pocket or behind you, the homeowners will think you have a gun and are going to rob or kill them and will not hear what you are saying.
  • Never wear cologne or perfume. I kno