Why We Buy Houses


Lisa and Geoffrey Binkley have had the same ups and downs we've all experienced. It's the down's that stand out as uniquely painful memories. Having gone through lean times and wondering if we were going to keep the house was incredibly stressful. It honestly felt like we had so few options. We don't wish that on ANYONE! In fact, we would wish it AWAY from EVERYONE! So now we find ourselves in a position to lend a hand to those who are experiencing trouble with handling a property.  Your home is the single biggest purchase you make in life, and it can be a great source of pride and stability. When the economy, your health, life events or general bad-luck conditions turn on you and that homeowner's dream becomes a nightmare, what happens? In the era of COVID, we've been sort of waiting to see while the troubles pile up. That snooze button does not stop time, though. If you are feeling the pressure to "not think about it" as the answer to "What are we going to do?," then please call G&L Elevated Homes to see if there is a sensible way to correct the course and make the changes to a brighter future.  Letting a home crumble around you is literally "going down with the ship" as the value slides. 🏚  But there are options!!!  Call the caring and honest team who can help get you the proper value for your home QUICKLY, without hidden expenses like commissions and closing costs. We start by helping you. That starts with a call to us!

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